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Combining sophisticated learning tools and content processing technology, Academic Writer is a state-of-the-art, web-based suite of integrated services and tools designed to help both develop and enhance research and writing skills as well as facilitate publication.

Academic Writer is the official, authoritative online resource for instruction and reference related to the application and proper use of APA Style.

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Every student who uses APA Style will benefit from the resources available in Academic Writer. Whether you are just getting started with research and writing or are more experienced, Academic Writer provides essential resources to meet your needs.
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Libraries and writing centers are indispensable to those engaged in the research and writing processes. Academic Writer provides a versatile site-wide solution for instruction related to the application and proper use of APA Style, the leading writing style for the behavioral sciences and many other disciplines.
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Offering an abundance of learning objects that can be integrated with learning management systems for seamless inclusion in lesson plans, Academic Writer is the preeminent resource devoted to both APA Style and research and writing instruction.
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The quality of research, writing, and published content is key to the reputation of every academic institution. Academic Writer provides an unparalleled institutional solution that is designed to prepare current and future generations of scholars for both academic and professional success.